Sylvanian Families – Walnut Squirrel Family

We have the three-piece Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel family with the father, mother, and sister. We have another set that has the Walnut Squirrel Baby, but we haven’t unboxed it yet. As we are new to collecting Sylvanian Families, which are also called Calico Critters in the USA, and Canada, we are still trying to memorize the names of these dolls. (Almost all the Sylvanian dolls have names and their job roles).

The Walnut Squirrel Family set we have includes the dolls of Father Cedric, Mother Yardley, and Sister Saffron Walnut. We have another set that has the doll of Baby Brother Ambrose Walnut.

So, let us see what each of them does, and how the dolls look.

Cedric Walnut, the father, loves carpentry and is said to be quite good at it. He always creates unique and useful things for his fellow Sylvanians. He is also known to create amazing things which others have never seen before. But, let me tell you a secret! He fails at times too, and only his family knows about it. And, Cedric Walnut keeps his failed projects in this storeroom – hidden from the eyes of others.

He also loves organizing everything. Be it a carnival or even a birthday party, Cedric ensures it is a day everyone remembers.

Now let’s talk about Mother Yardley Walnut. She is an excellent hairdresser and beautician and loves to help people to always look their best. Yardley always says, “Everyone has beauty in them, and it is my job to help that shine through.”

She also loves to talk to other Sylvanians, and her big, heartfelt laugh can be easily heard. She is always surrounded by friends, and they all love her a lot. She loves her bushy tail and is very proud of her soft, silky, and shiny fur. She never forgets to brush her tail before hitting the bed.

Saffron Walnut loves everything Yellow. Even her room is decorated with all yellow things. Be it ribbons or flowers, you can always see her collecting yellow items. The most favorite thing from her collection is the yellow-colored photo album, which is filled with the most precious memories. The only yellow thing she does not like is lemons as she feels they are very sour.

The fourth member of our Walnut Squirrel Family is Baby Brother Ambrose Walnut. He loves the outdoors and always tries to climb trees, and gets himself in trouble.

All the dolls are quite adorable, and the father and mother dolls stand at 8 cms tall, and the sister doll is about 6 cm tall. All the dolls have movable arms and legs and come with removable fabric clothing.

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