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📆 **Friends with Barbie Challenge: January 2024 Theme – “Calendar” 📅**


Welcome to the first month of the year, doll enthusiasts! We’re excited to kick off the Friends with Barbie Challenge for January 2024, and this month’s theme is all about capturing the essence of time – “Calendar.”


How to Participate
1.Interpret the Theme:
Unleash your creativity by interpreting the “Calendar” theme in your own unique way. Whether it’s a glamorous photoshoot featuring Barbie marking important dates or a playful scene inspired by the changing seasons, let your imagination run wild!
2. Create Captivating Content:
Craft visually stunning and imaginative photos or videos that showcase Barbie’s world in relation to the theme. Think about how Barbie and her friends organize their schedules, plan special events, or even celebrate holidays.

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3.Use the Hashtag:
When sharing your creations on Instagram, don’t forget to include the hashtag #friendswithbarbiechallenge. This will help us find your entries and showcase them within the Friends with Barbie community!
4.Tag @friends.with.barbie:
Ensure you tag our official Instagram account @friends.with.barbie in your posts. This way, you’ll connect with other participants, and we can feature your amazing content on our page.
📢 Spread the Word: 
Let your doll-loving friends know about the Friends with Barbie Challenge! The more participants, the merrier. Encourage them to join the fun, embrace the theme, and showcase their Barbie’s unique perspective on the “Calendar.”


Jan 01 - 31 2024


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