#pepperstrikeapose by @pepper_dollcrafts

Doll enthusiasts, get ready to add a splash of glamour to your Tuesdays! Take part in a weekly dollstagram event hosted by the fabulous @pepper_dollcrafts. Join us every Tuesday for a chance to showcase your doll’s style and charisma with the hashtag #PepperStrikeAPose.
How to Participate:
1.Strike a Pose: Capture your doll in a striking pose that showcases their personality, style, or a fun theme of your choice. Whether it’s a fashion-forward ensemble or a playful scene, let your doll’s charisma shine!
2. Use the Hashtag: When posting your dazzling photos or videos on Instagram, make sure to include the hashtag #PepperStrikeAPose. This will connect you with fellow doll enthusiasts and allow us to spotlight your fabulous entries.
3.Tag @pepper_dollcrafts: Ensure you tag our delightful host, @pepper_dollcrafts, in your posts. Pepper will be keeping an eye out for the most stylish poses and might just feature your doll on her stories!

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🏆 **Weekly Shoutouts:**
We will be selecting her favorite poses every week and giving shoutouts to the most captivating entries. It’s your time to shine, so let your doll’s unique personality steal the spotlight!
📢 **Spread the Word:**
Invite your doll-loving friends to join the fun! Share the excitement, inspire creativity, and let’s turn every Tuesday into a dazzling display of dollstagram magic.
Get those dolls ready, strike a pose, and let the world see the charisma and style your dolls possess! Can’t wait to see your entries! 💃✨ #PepperStrikeAPose
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Mar 12 2024


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