#TwinningIsWinningWithGrandma by @grandmagetsreal

Doll enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a delightful dose of twinning magic every Tuesday with “Twinning is Winning with Grandma!” This weekly dollstagram event is hosted by the heartwarming @grandmagetsreal. Join us each Tuesday for a fabulous showcase of doll twinning fun and use the hashtag #TwinningIsWinningWithGrandma to spread the joy!
📆 **Event Details:**
**Day:** Every Tuesday
**Time:** All day long!
How to Participate:
1. Twinning Time: Dress your dolls in matching outfits or create a theme where they perfectly complement each other. Take a 📸 photo with your Mini Me OR a 💫 creative twinning shot. So, let’s see those adorable twinning moments!
2. Use the Hashtag: Share your heartwarming twinning photos or videos, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TwinningIsWinningWithGrandma. This will connect you with fellow doll lovers and give Grandma a chance to see your delightful entries.

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3. Tag @grandmagetsreal: Make Grandma smile by tagging our lovely host, @grandmagetsreal, in your posts. She’ll be on the lookout for the most heartwarming twinning moments and might just feature your dolls on her stories!
🏆 **Weekly Twinning Favorites:**
Grandma will be selecting her favorite twinning moments every week and giving shoutouts to the most heartwarming entries. Show the world that twinning is not just adorable; it’s a winning moment for your dolls!
📢 **Spread the Twinning Joy:**
Invite your doll-loving friends to join the fun! Share the joy, inspire creativity, and let’s turn every Tuesday into a heartwarming display of dollstagram twinning magic.
Get those dolls dressed in their twinning best, capture those adorable moments, and let the world see the joy and love your dolls share! Twinning is truly winning, especially with Grandma. Can’t wait to see your twinning entries! 👵💕 #TwinningIsWinningWithGrandma
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Mar 06 2024


All Day


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