Making Miniature Amazon Boxes – Barbie Scale

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I have always wanted to make some Miniature Amazon Boxes for our Barbie scale dioramas and doll rooms. Most of the accessories I presently have are the ones I purchased online or the ones that came along with the Barbie Playsets.

I wanted to make some realistic barbie miniatures that I can use while making videos using my dolls. While I started making a few, I did browse online to check if I can find some I can use immediately. To my luck, I found these amazing Miniature Amazon box templates online.

I myself made a few boxes using these, and they came out great. I am not really sure who the actual creator of these templates is, but the credits belong to them.

Here are the templates…You can Download The Printables Here

Printable 1

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Printable 2

Printable 3


Hope you find these printables useful. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @barbiedollstoriesdiy when you use these.

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