Making Miniature Popcorn Tubs – 1:6th Scale

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We love to create various doll accessories that are life-like and made an attempt to make a few popcorn tubs for our dolls. We already made a TV stand and use our mobile as a TV. Now, our dolls can watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn with it.

What you need?

The printable (click here to download the template)



A piece of thermocol, a light colored chalk


How to make?

Start by printing out and cutting the template provided.

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Next, fold all the red colored tabs downwards. Repeat the same with the white colored tab.

Now, start folding the main paper popcorn tub.

Glue the white tab to the other end of the folded popcorn tub.

It should look something like this.

Glue the red colored tabs at the bottom.

Fill in the tub with a piece of thermocol. In a small bowl, mix a little glue, a few drops of water and color from the chalk. Add pieces of thermocol, mix it well and add that over the popcorn tub.

Popcorn tubs for our dolls are now ready.

Check out our step-by-step video tutorial here
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