Quote Frames for 1:6th Scale Doll Rooms

An easy to make miniature craft

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WE all need a little inspiration in our lives, and so do our dolls. We made a few Quote frames for our doll rooms that can easily be used with the help of poster putty. I have always used Tack-It from Faber Castell as it sticks well and does not leave any stains as well. I use the same for my doll videos too when I need the doll to hold on to something like a book or a cup.

Now coming to the craft, I made these quote frames using a scrap of thin foam board I had. You can always make use of cardboard or paperboard too.

As this is a quick craft, this can be done along with your kids. I have made a printable that can be download, and can printed on a A4 sheet. I covered the sheet using a transparent tape for that shine and finish.

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Once you print it out, all you need to do is to glue them onto the foam board and cut them to size, and they are all ready to use.


Check out the video on how we made the doll quote frames for our Barbie doll room here.

So, make sure you give it a try, and do let us know what you think about them.

Happy Crafting!

  1. Granny says

    do I have to allow cookies in order to use your printies?

    1. DollstoriesDIY says

      Not required. You can directly download them from the post

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